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Rules & Regulations

Award of Degree/Diploma/Certificate

Detailed Mark Cards (DMC) shall be issued only to students passing all the subjects of the semester examinations and internals. The DMC would be available online as well as at the respective Registration Center selected by the student at the time of admission / re-admission. A consolidated DMC would be available at the end of the course.

The Degree/Diploma/Certificate will be awarded to the student only if he/she has acquired a pass grade in all the semester end examinations and internals, within the maximum duration of the course.

In case the student does not clear all the semester end examinations in the maximum time as mentioned in the course details, he/she will not be awarded any Degree/Diploma/Certificate. In such case no refund of fee will be given.

Attendance in PCP (Personal Contact Program)

It is desired that students attend both theory & lab sessions. In case of unavoidable circumstances, the problem should be discussed with the respective Study Center.

While there is no minimum requirement of attendance in the theory sessions; 100% attendance is mandatory in practical / lab sessions. In case of any shortfall in attendance, the University may not allow the student to appear in the semester end exams.

Centre Transfer Policy (Migration)

Mid-Semester migration / change of Registration Centre migration is not permissible.

Study Centre migration is allowed and can be only to other cities in case of situations like transfer of job, medical grounds etc. and the decision will be with the approval of the University. Only One migration per semester will be allowed to the student.

Study Centre Transfer will be allowed only if the enrolled course is being conducted at the destination Study Centre.

If the student takes transfer to any other Study Centre without the approval of the University, his/her admission will be cancelled & the fee will stand forfeited.

Study Centre Transfer within the same city is not allowed under normal circumstances.


Students are required to observe the decorum while attending the programme.

No student will be allowed to enter into the Study Center without permission of the Study Center authorities, once they have completed the programme or have been expelled.

Students must go through the Guidelines for admission before filling the application form.

Final Examination

Semester End Examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester.

The exam schedule of the Final examination will be communicated to the students through Study Center and/or on the website of the University.

The grade of pass marks required is not less than 40% in each paper.

If the student fails to clear any paper he/she will be allowed to re-appear by paying the applicable fee, per paper for each attempt whenever the exams are held, within maximum duration of the course.

The evaluation and marks declared for the final examination will be binding on the students.


All communication by the University will be sent to the student on their e-mail ID/ mobile number specified by them in the Admission Form. The University shall not assume any responsibility for any delivery failure of email/SMS , ignorance or default on the part of the student or any other concerned or in case of change of correspondence address or mobile number or mobile being switched off or network failure or change / default in e-mail address etc.

The medium of instruction, examination and question paper will generally be English in all cases except in specific language programmes and/or as specified by the University.

PTU reserves the right to add / delete / change the programs offered, syllabi, program structure, rules and regulations without any prior notice.

In case of any matter not covered herein and/or for the interpretation of any content herein, the decision of the University shall be final and binding on all concerned.

All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Courts of Kapurthala (Punjab).

Identity Card

All students will be issued a photo identity card which should be carried at all times while being at the Study Center and produce it when requested.

The ID card issued to a student is Study Center specific. Students have the privilege to utilise the facilities provided to them in that particular Study Center. It will not be valid in any other Study Center.

In case of loss of Identity Card, a duplicate shall be issued at a specified cost, subject to a written request from a student, duly signed by Registration Center or Study Center authorities.

The identity card is valid only for the duration of program the student has sought the admission for.

This photo ID Card should be compulsorily carried along to the examination centers as identity proof.

Payment of Fee & Refund Policy

It is the responsibility of the student to pay their fee within the deadline as communicated by the University on its website. The fee has to be paid before the start of the semester as per the deadlines given in the academic calendar. The total semester fee (including regular examination fee) has to be paid before the start of a session.

In case the student doesn’t pay the fee within the deadline, late fee will be charged as per decision of the University. In case the student doesn’t pay the fee during the specified period, the student will be deemed to have dropped the particular semester and may only continue in the next semester after remitting the requisite fee within the specified deadlines for that session. The maximum duration of the course in question must be kept in mind once a semester is dropped.

The fee is non-refundable and cannot be adjusted for subsequent semesters.

The mode of payment shall only be ONLINE through the website of the University. Payment made in any other form will be at student’s own risk and PTU shall not be responsible for any claims.

No fee refunds are permissible for students who have been granted admission. In exceptional cases, refund claim may however be admitted on merits after due consideration of the request by the student and the amount to be refunded shall be at the sole discretion of the University. All such requests should be brought to the notice of the University within 15 days of admission. After this period of 15 days, no such requests will be entertained.

Re-Registration Process

Re-registration policy is applicable for existing PTU students in the ODL mode for admission from 2nd semester onwards.

Students need to take re-registration in their respective course at the beginning of each semester as per the academic calendar after the completion of the previous semester.


Request for re-totalling may be allowed only within 21 days of declaration of results on submission the applicable fee per subject. On a receipt of the application, the answer sheet of the concerned student will be verified by checking the following:

• If the answer sheet has all the required entries correctly marked including the roll no., name and course of the candidate in question.

• If all answers are evaluated and marks tabulated correctly.

• If the totalling of marks is correct.

The result of re-totalling has to be verified by the Controller of Examinations and result be declared within 15 days of submission of the request and requisite fee.

If any discrepancy is found in the answer sheet, the result of the candidate shall be revised accordingly and the marks obtained subsequent to re-totalling shall be final. The fee shall be refunded to the candidate concerned, if any discrepancy is discovered in totalling of marks on the answer sheet.

Unfair Means Cases (UMC) Committee

UMC Committee is normally headed by a retired judge from the Sessions Court/High Court and the committee comprises of senior people who look into all cases which are reported to the University using unfair means in the examinations conducted by the University. The complaints are verified and the students are allowed to appear before the UMC Committee and if found guilty, punishment which may include suspension for one, two or more semesters or expulsion of the student from the program may be accorded. Students are, therefore, required not to indulge in any malpractice during the examinations. In case of serious offence students may be debarred to appear in any examinations of the University or in any other University within the country.