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Program Modules

Master of Business Administration ( M.B.A. )


Students who have passed any recognized Bachelor's Degree of minimum 3 years duration in any discipline from any UGC recognized University.

Semester Fee : Rs. 15,950.00 (This amount includes Semester end Examination Fees of Rs. 900.00 ) or as revised from time-to-time

Minimum Duration  : 2 Years

Maximum Duration : 4 Years

Program Structure  :

Semester 1
MBA 101 Principles and Practices of Management
MBA 102 Organizational Behavior
MBA 103 Accounting for Management
MBA 104 Quantitative Techniques
MBA 105 Managerial Economics
MBA 106* Business Communication
MBA 107* Information Technologyfor Management
MBA 108 Viva Voce
Semester 2
MBA 201Business Environment
MBA 202Production and Operation Management
MBA 203Human Resource Management
MBA 204Marketing Management
MBA 205Financial Management
BTHU 101* Research Methodology
MBA 207 Human Values and Professional Ethics
Semester 3
MBA 301 Applied OperationsResearch
MBA 302 Corporate Legal Environment
MBA XXX*** Specialization I
MBA XXX***Specialization II
MBA XXX***Specialization -III
MBA XXX***Specialization -IV
MBA 307** Presentation onTraining Reports
MBA 308 Viva VoceViva Voce
Semester 4
MBA 401 Strategic Management
MBA 402Entrepreneurship and Managing Small Medium Business
MBA XXX*** Specialization I
MBA XXX*** Specialization II
MBA XXX*** Specialization III
MBA XXX*** Specialization IV
MBA 407 Research Project Report
MBA 408 Viva Voce

XXX represents the subject code as per specialization

* The internal assessment of this course is based on the report to be prepared individually by the students. Such reports may be checked and signed by external examiner / University official at the time of subject viva voce examination.

** The experts from industry/ academia may be invited for evaluation.

M.B.A. Specializations

The student can opt for either Super Specialization or Dual Specialization.

In Super Specialization the student will study 04 subjects in Semester 3 & 04 subjects in Semester 4

In Dual Specialization the student will study 2+2 subjects in Semester 3 & 2+2 subjects in Semester 4

The students opting for Super Specialization must study 04 subjects of the chosen specialization in Semester 3 and Semester 4. Thus student must opt for 08 subjects in all specialization either as Super Specialization or as Dual Specialization.

The students opting for Dual Specialization must study 02 subjects of each of these specializations in Semester 3 and Semester 4. Thus the student must study a total of 04 subjects of each specialization. In Semester 3, 02 subjects each from 2 specializations. In Semester 4, 02 subjects each from 2 specializations.

CSS Responsive Animated Accordion

M.B.A. Specializations (Marketing)
Semester 3 (Compulsory)
MBA 901(M)Consumer Behavior
MBA 902(M) Advertising Management
Semester 3 (Optional)
MBA 903 Product and Brand Management
MBA 904 Retail and Franchising
MBA 905 Rural and Industrial Marketing
Semester 4 (Compulsory)
MBA 906 Service Marketing
MBA 907 International Marketing
Semester 4 (Optional)
MBA 908 Sales and Distribution Managementg
MBA 909 Logistics Management
MBA 910 Customer Relationship
M.B.A. Specializations (Human Resource Management)
Semester 3 (Compulsory)
MBA 961 Social Security &Labour Welfare
MBA 962 Training & Development
Semester 3 (Optional)
MBA 963 Industrial Psychology
MBA 964 Manpower planning
MBA 965 Conflict and Negotiations
Semester 4 (Compulsory)
MBA 966 Organization Development
MBA 967 International Human Resource Management
Semester 4 (Optional)
MBA 968 Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
MBA 969 People Management and Leadership
MBA 970 Stress Management
M.B.A. Specializations (Finance)
Semester 3 (Compulsory)
MBA 921 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
MBA 922 Management of Financial Services
Semester 3 (Optional)
MBA 923 Direct Tax Planning
MBA 924 Strategic Financial Management
MBA 925 Treasury and Credit risk Management
Semester 4 (Compulsory)
MBA 926 International Finance
MBA 927 Banking and Insurance Operations
Semester 4 (Optional)
MBA 928 Global Capital Market
MBA 929 Management Control System
MBA 930 Financial Engineering
M.B.A. Specializations (Information Technology)
Semester 3 (Compulsory)
MBA 981Social Security &Labour Welfare
MBA 982Relational Database Management System
Semester 3 (Optional)
MBA 983 Software Engineering
MBA 984 Enterprise Recourse Planning
MBA 985 Data Mining and Pattern Recognition
Semester 4 (Compulsory)
MBA 986 Programming in C++
MBA 987 E-commerce and Cyber Securities
Semester 4 (Optional)
MBA 988 System Analysis and Design
MBA 989 Visual Programming
MBA 990 Introductions to Computer Networks
M.B.A. Specializations (Operations)
Semester 3 (Compulsory)
MBA 941 Project Management
MBA 942 Total Quality Management
Semester 3 (Optional)
MBA 943 Materials Management
MBA 944 Production Planning and Control
MBA 945 Managing ERP
Semester 4 (Compulsory)
MBA 945 Supply Chain Management
MBA 946 Technology Management
Semester 4 (Optional)
MBA 947 Knowledge Management
MBA 948 Manufacturing Policy
MBA 949 Lean Manufacturing