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Program Modules

Bachelor In Science (Information Technology) ( BSc-IT )


10+2 or its equivalent examination in any stream conducted by a recognized Board/ University/ Council.


Matriculation with three year Diploma in any Trade from recognized State Board of Technical Education or SLIET

Semester Fee : Rs. 12,950.00 ( This amount includes Semester end Examination Fees of Rs. 900.00 ) or as revised from time-to-time

Minimum Duration  : 3 Years

Maximum Duration : 5 Years

Program Structure  :

Semester 1
Course Code Course TitleLTPINTEXTTotalCredits
BSIT 101/BSBC 101Communication-I31-40601004
BSIT 102/BSBC 102Programming in C 41-40601005
HVPE 101 Human Value & Professional Ethics3--40601003
BSIT 103/BSBC 103 Mathematics - I42-40601006
BSIT 104/BSBC 104 Information Technology31140601004
BSIT 105/BSBC 105 Software Lab-I (Programming in C)--460401002
BSIT 106/BSBC 106 Software Lab-II (Information Technology)--460401002
Semester 2
Course Code Course TitleLTPINTEXTTotalCredits
BSIT 201/BSBC 201Communication-II31-40601004
BSIT 202/BSBC 202Basic Mathematics - II42-40601006
BSIT 203/BSBC 203 OOPS using C++41-40601005
BSIT 204/BSBC 303 Digital Circuits and Logic Design31-40601004
EVSC 101 Environmental Science2--40601002
BSIT 205/BSBC 206Software Lab-III (OOPS using C++)--460401002
BSIT 206/BSBC 307 Hardware Lab-II (Digital Circuits and Logic Design)--460401002
Semester 3
Course Code Course TitleLTPINTEXTTotalCredits
BSIT 301/BSBC 204Computer System Architecture31-40601004
BSIT 302/BSBC 302Data structures31-40601004
BSIT 303/BSBC 403 Operating Systems41-40601005
BSIT 304 Web Technologies41-40601005
EVSC 305 Software Lab -IV (Operating Systems)--440401002
BSIT 306/BSBC 306Software Lab-V (Data structures)--460401002
BSIT 307 Software Lab-VI (Web Technologies)--460401002